Three natural and bioclimatic houses were built in Gündünümü farm in 2016. Two of them are almost finished and the last one will be completed this year with the walls and the roof already done. During 5 workshops and with the help of more than 20 international and Turkish volunteers, we built an ecological bathroom with winter and summer sections and a planted water treatment system, a load-bearing straw-bale house (finished), wooden-frame slip-straw house (finished) and a load-bearing mud brick house (unfinished).

This summer there is less work to do but less time to do it. We will concentrate on finishing what has been started, especially the bathroom so that it can be used summer and winters and won’t be damaged by strong storms or repetitive usage. As often for natural buildings, the most important is plasters.

So in order to finish the bathroom, we are looking for volunteers from 20th of May to 18th of June. During these 4 weeks, we need a small but efficient team of volunteers to make plasters and wood-work. We expect hard work and long working days, but a rewarding experience where you will be able to learn how to do earth plasters – and discover different test for their suitability – and how to apply lime plasters and especially waterproof tadelakt (a waterproof Moroccan plaster based on lime and fine sand). Moreover, during your free time, you can benefit from the experience of our team to discover other techniques of natural construction if you like.


Besides, appart from building work, you will be able to enjoy fresh dairy products and local fruits, live in the nature in the middle of cows and chicken, enjoy a clean air, exercise your body with different physical activities or simply rest in the sun.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer, please fill in the form below. We are waiting for your help and we will be pleased to work with you.

Volunteer application form


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